Troubleshooting a Bosch Microwave

Troubleshooting a Bosch Microwave

A large variety of products is made by the corporation of Bosch. The products are made to be used commercially and for residential purposes that includes the kitchen appliances and thing to be used in laundry etc. The products include refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, cooking ranges, microwaves, etc.etc. There are different types of styles and there are different sizes and features of all the products like convectional cooking, controlling the temperature and time that are supposed to be variable. With the help of troubleshooting a microwave ofof Bosch Company the actual problem can be identified and solved easily.

The required things

The things that will be required for the troubleshooting of a Bosch Microwave are as follows:

Supply of power


Any sortsort of a clean cloth or clothes

Instructions for the troubleshooting of a Bosch microwave

First of all it is to be ensured that the Bosch microwave is connected to a supply of power correctly. If the microwave does notnot function correctly, the power supply is to be checked. There can also be a need for resetting the fuse, circuit breaker or whatever.

After that, there is a need for unplugging the microwave and the power supply is toto be cut off. After waiting for seconds, it is to be plugged back to the power supply, if the microwave is such that it s not working properly or it is such a case that the power is supposedsupposed to go off before the completion of the process of cooking that is desired.

The door of microwave is to be opened and closed firmly if it is such a case that the microwave seems to be on but it does not work properly and does not cook the food. The START button is to be pressed when the program that is desired is selected. If there is a need for changing the program then PAUSE and STOP are to be pressed and the new program is to be selected. The ceramic tray should be removed if it seems to be wobbly during the usage of the microwave.

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