Get the Best for Your Home with Aerus Electrolux Products

Initially known as Electrolux, Aerus is a world-renowned name when it comes to carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and air and water purifiers. It has more than franchise in Canada and US. The company believes that, for being healthy one has to ensure that the surroundings in your home and officeoffice is healthy as well. With this idea in mind, the company produces a variety of products for purifying the water you drink, purify the air you breathe, and remove the contaminants from floor you walk on.

Let us seesee some of their most famous products in different categories-

Water Purifiers

Origins, Origins WC , Origins WC , Aqualogy , and PureLux are some of the most famous water purification systems by Aerus Electrolux. Most of the households nowadaysnowadays are supplied with hard water. Apart from making cleaning difficult, having a shower with nard water will make your skin itchy and hairs dry. Water conditioners from Aerus Electrolux remove the hard chemicals from water to ensure that theythey wash and clean easily and completely.

Air Purifiers

Guardian heater, Guardian angel, G , Guardian Air Platinum are manufactured by Aerus Electrolux to ensure that the air inside your home is clean and healthy. They are known to eliminateeliminate more than of the contaminants from the air, be it at your home or offices. Statistics suggest that many a times, the inside of the house is more polluted than the outside, resulting in a variety of health problems.

The HEPA air purifiers from Aerus Electrolux with their innovative features allows you to eliminate these organisms to ensure that you breathe only clean and fresh air.

Floor Cleaners

Different types of color and carpet cleaners, like Central Vacuums, Floor Pro, Uprights, and Canisters are manufactured by Aerus Electrolux. Apart from this, they also manufacture allergy control solutions that can be directly sprayed on the floor to remove allergens like pollen, dust mite, and pet dander. The allergen solutions have odor neutralizers to not only clean the floors, but also to ensure that the rooms smell fresh.

Their water purifiers are certified by Gold Seal, air purifiers are original HEPA purifiers, and floor cleaners are EPA approved to ensure that your surroundings are fresh, clean and healthy.

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