Know more about AEG products

AEG was established in in Berlin by Emil Rathenau. In AEG joined with her auxiliary Telefunken AG. In Electrolux got the rights to the brand name AEG, which it now utilizes on some of its items. The AEG name is likewise authorized to different brand accomplices under the Electrolux WorldwideWorldwide Brand Permitting project.


Trains and railroad innovation

AEG electric train.

AEG assumed a vital part in the historical backdrop of the German railroads the organization was included on the advancement and production of the electrical parts ofof all German electric train arrangement and added to the presentation of electrical power in Germany railroads.


AEG fabricated a scope of flying machine from to . The primary airplane in was of wooden development and displayed after thethe biplane of the Wright siblings. It had a wingspan of . m ft was fueled by an eight-barrel motor delivering hp emptied weight was kg and could accomplish a rate of km/h mph . From , the development ofof planes in blended wood and steel tube development with fabric covering.

The AEG mark today

As a consequence of the separation and disintegration of the first organization, Electrolux obtained the brand rights in and the name is likewiselikewise authorized to different organizations: At present the brand is by and large effectively advanced by Electrolux it incorporates a considerable lot of the same items that it some time ago made, for example, power arrangements vitality gadgets, telecom gadgetsgadgets telephones and cell telephones , computerization, auto extras, home machines, force apparatuses, projectors, printing gear and supplies, water treatment gadgets, and individual consideration gadgets under the AEG brand.

AEG Hausgerate turned out to be a piece of Electrolux, produces white merchandise, for example, clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and so on.

ITM Innovation AG produces purchaser hardware and telecom cellular telephone, home telephone and so forth. gear under the AEG name.

AEG Mechanical designing produces electrical force hardware, control gears as well as switch gears, electrical engines, transformers and so forth and also high power inverters and DC supplies for modern utilization.

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