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The 60D Canon camera

Canon products are renowned for their reliability and high performance. They are particularly renowned for their uniqueness and collection of great features. If you have ever used any Canon camera before, no doubt you will also make the confession above. Canon also offers great product support and provides accessories for all its cameras all over the world. All the Canon cameras are in series with each series offering its specific advantage over another. Therefore, you can choose a Canon camera series depending on the functionality that you are interested in and the usage. On the other hand, newer versions of the Canon cameras are continuously released on a frequent basis giving customers better performance every now and then. For example, the DSLR series are some of the most renowned Canon camera series today and their newer versions are released after a certain time frame. However, there is yet another high quality camera that is worth looking out for. This is the 60D Canon camera whose popularity extends to all parts of the world.

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60D Canon

General availability

The 60D Canon camera is more expensive than its preceding versions and compared to most of the Canon cameras that are currently available on the market today. This explains why they are only available on advanced markets. They are also able to compete favorably with most of the high profile cameras that are currently available on the market today including the Nikon D cameras.

General features

The camera also comes with an autofocus sensor, metering sensor of dual layer type and an ISO range between 100 and 6400. Its battery is the same as the one used by the 7D version and also has higher shutter speeds ranging from 30 and all the way down to 1/8000 seconds.


The 60D Canon camera is renowned for its uniqueness in both design and performance. It differs greatly from the preceding versions in as far as design and elegance is concerned. It’s a stylish camera that comes with much more improved features such as the mode for Full HD movie shooting, the presence of an 18-megapixel sensor as well as the Vari-angle LCD..

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